Your eyes are working all day. Shouldn’t your daily disposable lenses, too?

We think so. That’s why we designed CooperVision® MyDay to provide everything you need for an exceptional overall daily disposable experience: uncompromised comfort, easy lens insertion and removal, and a highly breathable lens that helps contribute to a healthier lens wearing experience. That’s MyDay®—lenses you’ll put in and forget about until you’re ready to call it a day.

clariti® 1 day (30 pack and 90 pack)

The Convenience of Daily Disposables—the Health of Silicone Hydrogel

If the convenience of daily disposable contacts appeals to you, clariti® 1 day lenses are an excellent choice—whether you’re new to contact lenses or want to switch from your current hydrogel lenses to the healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel.

clariti® 1 day toric

The Only Lens of its Kind for Astigmatism

Winner of the “Contact Lens Product of the Year” at the 2012 Optician Awards**, clariti® 1 day toric lets you enjoy all the convenience of a daily disposable and the healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel in one lens. In fact, it’s the only silicone hydrogel, daily disposable contact lens for astigmatism available today.

clariti® 1 day multifocal

The Only Lens of its Kind for Presbyopia

Only clariti® 1 day multifocal from CooperVision® lets you enjoy all the convenience of a daily disposable and the healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel in one lens. That’s because it’s the only silicone hydrogel, daily disposable contact lens for presbyopia available today.


Up to 6 Nights/7 Days of Continuous Wear

You need your nearsighted or farsighted vision corrected. You also demand contacts with comfort that lasts all day—starting with your first morning cup of coffee, till going out with friends until midnight.

Meet CooperVision® Biofinity®, the silicone hydrogel contact lenses that won’t slow down your busy days. Biofinity® lenses offer you the premium level of comfort that you’re searching for. And you have the freedom to wear them for up to 7 days in a row.

Biofinity® toric: Contacts for Astigmatism

Optimized Just for Patients with Astigmatism

If you have astigmatism, your eyesight may be blurry or distorted when looking at both near and far objects. CooperVision® Biofinity® toric contacts can correct this vision problem with a lens you can wear for up to 7 days in a row—all with a premium level of comfort. Biofinity® toric contacts feature Optimized Lens Geometry. This is a multifaceted design that ensures that your lenses will be stable, accurate and comfortable. Near and far, you’ll enjoy clear vision that fits your unique needs.

Biofinity® multifocal Contact Lenses

Focus Up-Close, Far Away and In-Between

Between the ages of 40 and 45, our eyes lose the ability to focus on objects that are up-close—especially in low-light situations (such as reading a menu in a restaurant). This condition is called “presbyopia” and it affects everyone.

With Balanced Progressive Technology, CooperVision® Biofinity® multifocal contacts allow you to see near and far objects, along with everything in-between—all with the clarity and comfort you deserve. And you have the freedom to wear these lenses for up to 7 days in a row.

1-Day ACUVUE® MOIST (30 and 90 pack)

1-Day ACUVUE® MOIST (30 pack and 90 pack): The most convenient way to wear contacts—no solutions and no lens cases. Plus, our exclusive LACREON® Technology permanently embeds a moisture-rich wetting agent into the lens surface, so patients get exceptional comfort that won’t blink away.

1-Day ACUVUE® TruEye® Brand

Designed to help maintain the natural state of the eye, this is the first and only daily disposable contact lens made with a silicone hydrogel material and the highest volume of wetting agent in the HYDRACLEAR® Technology Family.

ACUVUE OASYS® (12 and 24 pack)

Our top of the line contact lens features second generation HYDRACLEAR® PLUS technology to provide comfort all day long—even in challenging environments that can make eyes feel tired and dry.

ACUVUE OASYS® for Astigmatism

Our top of the line astigmatism contact lens combines our BLINK STABILIZED lens design and the exceptional comfort of HYDRACLEAR® PLUS technology to form a contact lens that’s consistently clear and remarkably comfortable—especially for patients with an active lifestyle.

1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Natural Shimmer

On light eyes: High-impact sharpness and highlights.

On medium eyes: A balance of highlights and sharpness create a look with depth.

On dark eyes: Subtle highlights and contrast.

1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Natural Sparkle

On light eyes: Brightening effect with highlights and contrast.

On medium eyes: Soft highlights for added dimension.

On dark eyes: Light contrast for subtle brightening.

1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Natural Shine

On light eyes: A bold look with impactful contrast and enlargement.

On medium eyes: High-contrast with added depth.

On dark eyes: Dimensional effect with enlargement and contrast.